Welcome to Fair Trade Solutions. Are you a NGO, Foundation or Charity and do you have any relief goods to be transported? There will be a good chance we can assist you. Fair Trade Solutions is founded to decrease the costs of logistics and forwarding for charities. Companies are invited to join and get served by Fair Trade Solutions as well in order to contribute to her mission. On our website you will notice how we can take care of your logistic and forwarding needs.


Fair Trade Solutions is a logistics and freight forwarding company which has been founded with the mission to minimize the costs for NGO’s, Foundations and Charities.

Charities.  Charities are usually paying the normal commercial tariffs. This is a pity while the funds can be used for more appropriate purposes. Fair Trade Solutions wants to contribute to realize a chance in common practise.

Businesses Do you have a company and are you looking for opportunities to support our mission? Please fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you to investigate and discuss the options.


Fair Trade Solutions does have three important objectives:

  1. We want to serve our fellow man. We are convinced it is important that each person has proper living conditions, such as freedom, enough food, education, medical supplies, etc.
  2. We strive for transparency and equality within relationships.
  3. We want to serve each other with respect and honesty.


The core goals of Fair Trade Solutions BV:

Minimize the logistics costs for charities 
We do facilitate NGO’s, foundations and charities with their demands for logistics and freight forwarding. This can either be on consultancy basis or direct support as being a logistics and freight forwarding service supplier. Our aim is to keep the costs for logistics and freight forwarding activities as low as possible. The effect is that more money remains available for the objectives of NGO’s, foundations and charities.

Also for companies we are exploring consultancy, logistics and freight forwarding activities with the purpose to create a cost-efficient Fair Trade Solution. On their turn charities do benefit from this set-up: Profit for non-profit.

Helping each other.
Fair Trade Solutions does function as knowledge centre. If parties, with a common purpose as Fair Trade Solutions, share their network, experience, idea’s, possibilities and knowledge with each other they will strengthen the overall results. It is essential that sharing is done from the perspective of honesty, equivalence and respect.