Briefly said our purpose is: move relief goods as cheap as possible from A to B. How do we manage? Fair Trade Solutions is obtaining advantages at all supply chain parts. The key points are:


One of the key elements is our low profit margin. This does have a considerable effect on the available budget which is leading to an optimized spend towards the main objective of charities.


Due to the extensive years of experience we know how we can obtain the best solutions in terms of rates and options. We are able to compete with the bigger sized commercial operating competitors in the market.


Our network of relationships is worldwide. Personal contacts are contributing to obtain competitive pricing and the right level of services required. Our network of charities and companies remains growing, this will enlarge our joint opportunities. One of the advantages is that there is no need of hiring an expensive sales team, which has a huge effect on the direct costs.


To realize our objectives we developed the Aid-by-Wings product: a logistics product supported by airlines, whereby airlines are offering space for relief goods against reduced costs.


Against very low tariffs, via Fair Trade Solutions, you can ship & track your express shipments (either envelopes or small packages) via the well-known courier companies. You can log in onto our website and fill in the shipment details, print the label and order the courier company to pick-up the shipment at your location.


It all sounds beautiful, but how does it work behind the scenes? We sincerely do understand that question and therefore we did choose for a 100% transparent accounting system, this gives you the opportunity to check if we ascertain to our objectives.

My story

My name is Wim Leeflang. Since 1992 I am working in the logistics and freight forwarding industry. In all these years I was employed at two international operating freight forwarders as Operations Manager.

My responsibilities towards customers had a wide range. I was directly involved at the complete purchase processes for airfreight, oceanfreight, roadfreight and express services. Further responsible for sales, transport planning, customs affairs, finance, security and human resources.

The decision to found Fair Trade Solutions B.V. has been a traject, in due course I came to the conclusion that the logistics and freight forwarding industry is in need of an alternative concept which primarily concentrates on NGO’s, foundations and charities. I acknowledged that charities should pay less margin with the direct effect that a larger part of their budget is actually usable for their core activity: supply help! This is what I do want to realize with Fair Trade Solutions.